Terms & Conditions

Flight Booking Terms and Conditions


Able Can insists that the full passenger name(s) to be entered into booking(s) at time of reservation either through its agents or through its website, as per the passenger’s passport of choice for travel. Able Can and www,ablecan.co.uk will not be held responsible for any false/wrong names or for incorrect spelling of names provided to them. Most airlines do not allow a change of name once a reservation has been made, If such an incident should arise, providing there are seats available, Able Can will do all that it can within its powers to resolve the issue. If a customer has got dual nationality, and requires both passports to be used at the time of travel, with different names, Able Can recommends that both names to be entered in the booking(s).

Cancellation / Amendments

If you need to change or cancel your travel plans, it is your responsibility to notify Able Can in writing of such request up to 24 hours before your flight departure. Some tickets are non-refundable, but can be applied for a limited time toward future travel, less any applicable penalties. Some tickets do not allow changes.

Able Can applies an administration fees of £10 per ticket for any modification or changes to the fares on top of the airline charge if applicable, This will be regardless of the price or face value of the fare.

If seats are not available in the same booking class as your original ticket, but seats are available in a higher fare, you will need to pay the difference between the two fares plus any change penalty and administration charges.

Able Can also applies an administration fees of up to £30 per ticket for any cancellation on top of the airline cancellation charge, if tickets are refundable.

please read the FLIGHT RULES for the fare selected as airline charges are notified in those rules depending on whether you wish to cancel or change your flight.

If you are holding a booking for which a ticket has been arranged and you do not notify us in writing of your desire to cancel, This will be treated as a “no Show” and could result in you losing all that you have paid.


If you want to cancel your journey it is important that you notify us in writing with utmost urgency up to 24 hours before the departure date or by. This enable us to cancel your reservation with the airline, if you already have your ticket please submit it to us.

Tickets must be sent to;

Able Can, 118 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NW.

An Acknowledgement, will be sent on receipt of any ticket. Those tickets which are refundable or cancelled by us will be processed and refunded back to your Credit or Debit card in approximately 10 weeks from our receipt of tickets. If you have paid cash or transferred the amount into our bank account, a cheque will be issued in the passenger’s name. Some tickets may need to be submitted to the airline for the cancellation and/or refund to be authorised. In this event your refund request may take longer, but we will advise in our acknowledgement of the expected turnaround period. Please note that most airlines do not offer refunds on partly used tickets. Tickets which are returned more than 1 year from date of issue are classified as expired tickets and must be submitted to the airline for their authority to refund.

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